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productive experience



productive experience.

What is most important to me and my family?

Total BenefiX Strategies humanizes people's

Benefits & Performance Experience.

All people should have their

human needs cared for.

Simply, all their needs

should be met in a

tax effective way with

sustainable employer budgets.

Traditional methods restrict access to benefits out of fear.

Our strategies plan for life to happen

and for people

to be cared for when life happens.

Traditional benefits are designed to be one size fits all.

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See human.

human centred benefits

One size fits none.

simple. human. happy.

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one size fits none.

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What are

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The total benefits eXperience are all the tools, benefits, and performance incentives that an employer offers to attract, motivate, and retain employees, impacting productivity and employee experience. All the rewards that go beyond just the monetary and encompass various components, including the Employee Experience Environments.

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How does this impact my business & my people?

Ask a different question, get a different answer.

When we see people first, we start asking different questions and the decisions we make have exponential impact.

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what is distinctive about our strategy

In designing a traditional solution, its all about one size fits all, price and risk. This is a classic example of what happens in design thinking. You are so focused on developing a solution, it often misses the whole mark.


Human Centred Designs start with deep curiosity and empathy.

It adapts to HUMAN needs.

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You & your people

Research shows that the happiest people have a high sense of safety, security and belonging.


When life happens, people's wellbeing is challenged, so proactively plan to care for them when life is most challenging.


People's sense of security and happiness improves when they know that they are cared for even when life gets tough.


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discovery, diagnostic, consulting



experience design, implementation,


Human Centred Discovery that begins with deep curiosity and empathy.

We meet you where you're at.

We help you on your journey.

We help you design, and action your plan. Your people's needs are at the heart of inspired productivity.

Our services for flex group benefits include:

  • Our proprietary Human Centred Benefits Design process
  • Online onboarding and benefits selection processes
  • Online Live Launch Training, deployment
  • Human Centred Benefits design with your people
  • Financial Literacy
  • Personal, Executive & Employee Financial & Insurance Advisory
  • Group Extended Health, Dental, RRSP
  • Health Spending Accounts
  • Wellbeing, Expenses and Lifestyle Accounts
  • Recognition & Performance Strategies

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We design Human Centred Resilient Businesses because - simply - it is just good business. It aligns to Global Best Practice according to the World Economic Forum. Everything we do looks deeply at how small business can be designed with sustainability & resilience in mind, seeing human first.

With global comparisons and Canada wide analysis across all the major carriers, our clients tell us we are the only ones who do what we do.

Total BenefiX Strategies have paid off as our clients have sustainable planned increases tied to real human usage and complete benefits protection and needs based access.

Getting advice can be super scary out there.

Who do you trust?

At LBR, we meet you where you are at. We build trust by being whole and human ourselves. Transparency is part of our process. Yes, we are fully transparent with our clients on how we are renumerated for our work.

Depending on what service or product that you need, we have pricing models that meet you where you're at.

For small business, cash flow is king. Our proprietary Human Centred Benefits Design process, online deployment and even onboarding your people with education is included in the cost of the monthly benefits usage. We are passionate about all Canadian's financial, health and wellbeing so we also spend the time with your people helping them understand their need and how a total benefiX is for them to plan for Life Happening.

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1.2 Million Businesses

Map of Canada

Who do we serve?

We are focused on the Small Business Market. SMEs (Small, Medium Enterprises) make up the vast majority of companies in Canada and are an important source of innovation and job creation. Total BenefiX Strategies are able to be deployed for growing teams of 4 employees and beyond.

SMEs employed over 10.6 million Canadians, representing almost 90% of the private-sector workforce. Small businesses employed 8.4 million individuals.

  • 40% of small businesses in Canada have no benefits
  • 85% of small business employ less than 20 people
  • Small Businesses Produce 41% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product)
  • Small Businesses Employed 8.4M people in 2019 or 70% of the private sector labour force.
  • 2014-19 small business accounted for 36% of private sector employment growth

As of December 2019, the Canadian economy totalled 1.23 million employer businesses. Of these:

  • 1.2 million (97.9%) were small businesses,
  • 22,905 (1.9%) were medium-sized businesses
  • 2,978 (0.2%) were large businesses.

Why are we passionate about small business?

We are passionate about people. Our clients are across all types of industry as our strategies adapt to their need. We have seen most of the business advisory out there competing for large enterprise as its much "easier". The biggest risk in our economy and the global economy is the small business. They need the advice to become more resilient; unfortunately current trend makes advice very expensive and hard to access. We change that with our humanizeX framework.

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How can you connect with us?

Email Address

Mailing Address

151 West Hastings Street,

Vancouver, BC V6B 1H4

Talk To Us


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simple human steps:

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education & selection

benefits go live

design your flex plan

master application & team online enrolment

team engagement session:

making my benefits

work for me & my family


team members make benefits selections

use your benefits

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How does a health

spending account work?

medical & dental expenses are typically put on credit cards


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How much did I have to earn to make $10K?

Inc Company Pays Invoice.

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$10,000 plus admin


business deduction

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You are personally reimbursed.

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How do flex

designed benefits work?

flexible = human.

flex dollars

1 2 3


health care spending account

benefits budgets are traditionally 15-30% of salary

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Total rewards are all the tools, benefits, and incentives that an employer offers to attract, motivate, and retain employees, impacting productivity and employee experience. These rewards go beyond just a base salary and encompass various components, including the Employee Experience Environments:

1. Compensation:

This includes base salary, bonuses, commissions, and any other direct monetary payments.

2. Benefits:

These can include health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, and other perks like wellness programs or tuition assistance.

3. Work-Life Balance:

Flexible work schedules, remote work options, and support for work-life balance contribute to total rewards.

4. Career Development:

Opportunities for career growth, training, and development are essential rewards.

5. Recognition and Appreciation:

Non-monetary rewards such as recognition, awards, and a positive work culture can also be part of total rewards.

6. Work Environment:

A safe, inclusive, and enjoyable workplace is an important aspect.

Employee Experience Environments:

Physical Environment 30%,

Technological Environment 30%,

Cultural Environment 40%.

What are

total rewards?

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Total rewards are designed to consider both tangible and intangible aspects of employment to create a well-rounded package that attracts and retains talent driving productivity.

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